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Fire Safety System

Fire Detection and Protection system is one of the important sections of our diversified approach in serving the emerging needs.

A fire detection system is an electronic system used to alert people by detecting smoke/flame/gas. We are channel partners of Hochiki Corporation covering complete solution for all fire detection needs from commercial to industrial applications.
Founded in 1918, Hochiki has 90 plus years of expertise in fire detection gaining widespread acceptance as the level for high-integrity and long-term consistency across the world. Hochiki is the first company to install an addressable system in 1920.

Our services for fire detection and protection system include;
a) Consulting
b) Site inspection
c) Preliminary and Detail Engineering
d) Supply of Equipment
e) Installation, testing & commissioning
f) After sales support

Our offerings in the fire detection system include Conventional, Addressable & Analog Addressable systems. For fire protection, we supply fire doors, dry and wet riser sprinkler system.
All our design and installations is based upon National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the local fire codes of the particular country. Our engineers are members of NFPA.