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Terminal Automation System

ZICOM Terminal Automation Systems is used in all the areas to co-ordinate the entire terminal operations for a virtual unmanned fashion. The controlling system needs to take care of product movements, Fast Turnaround Times, Vehicle Queue Optimization, Product Reconciliation, Safety, Fraud & Loss Prevention, allow controlled access and interact with Business Systems for order fulfillment and Invoicing.

Primary function of Terminal Automation System (TAS) is to increase accuracy, efficiency and safety of the distribution process. It also enables terminals to increase availability and throughput while reducing risks and cost. System provides terminal security, Vehicle Identification, Inventory Management, and Safety Interlocks, Filling Advice Note (FAN) Printing, Audit Trail, Event and Alarm Logging and Extensive Reports.


Our typical Terminal Automation is described by the following levels:


LEVEL 0 ( Field level)

  1. Networked Batch Controllers with corresponding Positive Displacement (PD) / Mass Flow meters, Pulse Transmitters, Control Valve, Earthing (Grounding) device, and Remote Interaction Terminal (RIT).

  2. Card readers in each loading bay.

  3. MOV system with Field control units (FCU) and corresponding Actuators – One on each MOV and all FCUs networked using twisted pair cable in redundant configuration.
  4. Radar level gauges with respective display units – one on each product tank and all gauges networked using twisted pair cable.

  5. Densitometers , Networked.

  6. Pressure Transmitters, Networked or Connected to PLC I/o’s.

  7. Large Sized Display in TT area.

  8. Data entry terminal at TT area.


LEVEL 1 (Control Level)

  1. Programmable Controller (PLC) in Hot Standby configuration.

  2. Redundant Master stations for Motor Operated Valve (MOV) controls.

  3. Communication Interface unit (CIU) for Radar Level Gauges.

  4. Communication processors for Batch controllers, Gate displays, Densitometers.

  5. Optional Emergency Shutdown (ESD) PLC.


LEVEL 2 (Supervisory Level)

      • Loading Rack Computers (LRC)

      • Tank Truck Entry System (TTES)

      • Operator Interface Computer (OIC)

      • Terminal Manager’s work Station

      • ERP Interface

      • e-Logistics / Web Interface

      • Redundant Link TCP / IP Ethernet network connecting all the above terminals.