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Filtration & Separation






Natural gas transmission pipelines often contain liquids that can interfere with the proper operation of the pipeline and related equipment such as compressors, regulators, filters, meters and valves. The liquid contaminants normally include hydrocarbon condensations, lubrication oils, produced water, and chemicals used in production, treatment, compression or dehydration of the gas.


ZICOM designs and manufactures a wide range of Filters and Separators to remove water and contaminants from Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids, ZICOM separators provide unmatched liquid and solids removal and require no maintenance to meet customers' diverse specifications. Whenever your application requires removal of both solid and liquid that are smaller than 3 microns, ZICOM is your solution.

ZICOM Separators are primarily manufactured in two basic styles – Vertical and Horizontal.

Vertical Separators are well suited for handling large liquid slugs, solids and surging flow conditions, in addition, vertical separators require less floor space. In standard vertical up-flow designs, the gas volume is limited due to re-entrainment because of the counter current flow of gas (up) and liquid (down). Vertical units equipped with specially designed vane mist extractors eliminate re-entrainment and have an increased gas capacity.

Horizontal Separators are best suited for streams with: high gas / liquid ratios, constant flow and relatively low liquid surging. The gas transit time is increased in horizontal separators thus allowing gravity more time to capture liquid particles. If foaming is anticipated, predesigned de-foaming sections can be added to release entrained solution gas from the foam. Due to the large interfacial area available between phases, horizontal units are best suited for 3 Phase (liquid, liquid gas) Separation.




  • Oil & Gas Fields
  • Process Plants
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Gas Gathering Systems
  • Gas Transmission & Distribution System
  • Turbine Fuel System
  • Environmental Industries


  • Separation of Solids from Gas or Vapour
  • Separation of Liquids from Gas or Vapour
  • Separation of Solids from Liquids
  • Separation of Liquids from other Liquids
  • Three Phase Separation






  • Designed to ASME Section VIII Div.1
  • Design Capacity: as per Process Condition
  • Design Pressure: up to ANSI 2500
  • Design Temperature: 20°F to 150°F
  • Process Connection: ANSI RF Flanged
  • Vent, Drain & Gauge Connections: 6000lb NPT Couplings (as required).
  • Housing Material: Carbon Steel ASTM A516 Gr.70
  • Quick Opening Closure: for replacement of Filter Cartridge
  • Hinged Door: for Inspection Hole
  • NDT & Hydrostatic Testing
  • Lifting Lugs
  • External Primer coating for carbon steel housings



  • Design Code: as per request
  • Design Pressure & Temperature: as per Process Condition
  • Process Connection: as per request
  • Accessories Connection: as per request
  • Housing Material: other materials (on request)
  • Closure: Blind Flange thru Bolts 
  • Internal Coating: on Carbon Steel models
  • Electro-polishing:  of stainless steel housings
  • Paint or coating:as per customer specifications
  • Additional Nozzles: as needed
  • Valves/Safety valves
  • Pressure Gauge / Transmitter
  • Differential Pressure Gauge / Transmitter
  • Temperature Gauge / Transmitter
  • Liquid level Gauges
  • Liquid Level Controller with Control Valve
  • Automatic Drain Valve
  • Customized Arrangement
  • Quick Opening & Closure
  • Working Platform


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