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PIG Launcher & Receiver



Zicom is most reliable manufacturer of Pig Launcher & Receiver, Accessories & Pigging System for Liquid & Gas service and are suitable for onshore, offshore & subsea pipelines. Preciously designed and manufactured to fulfil customer’s need and standard.

Pig Launchers are used to launch the Pig into the pipeline, and Pig Receivers are used to receive the pig after successful operation. Selection of Pig Traps is depending on type of pigging operation & pipeline design conditions.

Zicom offers complete horizontal Skid Mounted Pig Launcher & Receiver System as standardto facilitate easy transportation & installation. Customize design is also available on request to meet customer, environmental and industry standards.

Zicom Standard Pig Launchers & Receivers includes all necessary nozzles which are properly sized & located to launch & receive Pigs successfully.

Standard parts & nozzles are –

      • Major Barrel: size is slightly larger than operating pipeline.
      • Minor Barrel: same size as operating pipeline.
      • End Closure: QOC (Quick Open & Close) type.
      • Flange connection for matching with operating pipeline.
      • Kicker Line or Bridle Line.
      • Pressurizing Line.
      • Balancing Line.
      • By-pass Line
      • Purge Line.
      • Vent Line.
      • Drain Lines.
      • Pig Signaller connection.
      • Safety Valve connection.
      • Pressure Gauge/Transmitter connection.
      • Skid.

Design Standards & Codes –

      1. ASME Section VIII
      2. ASME B31.8
      3. ASME B31.4
      4. ASME B31.3
      5. Others.





Standard materials of construction –

  1. A-516, A-515
  2. A-234 WPB
  3. A-106, API-5L
  4. A-106
  5. Other equivalent material can be used on request to meet operating conditions.

Welding Code: ASME Section IX, or API-1104.
Other Standard Features are –

  1. Sizes: 2" to 60".
  2. Pressure Rating ANSI-150 to ANSI-2500.
  3. All units are hydrostatically tested.
  4. All welding Joints are 100% Inspected &Tested.
  5. All units are Sandblasted & Prime-coated as standard.
  6. Lifting Lugs.
  7. Easy to Install.

OptionalAccessories & Features are –

  • Complete system including all Piping, Valves & Instrumentation for turn-key installation.
  • Pig or Sphere handlingSystem: Launching & Receiving Trays with Jib Crain & Hoist.
  • Accessories: Pig Signaller, Pressure Gauge/Transmitter/Switch, DP Gauge, Safety Valves etc.
  • Extended Barrel length for extra-long Pigs (e.g. Inspection Pig).
  • Bolted Blind Cover.
  • Support Legs or Skirt.
  • Spectacle Blinds.
  • Spacers.
  • Utility Connection for cleaning & purging after pigging operation.
  • Additional ancillary connection.
  • ASME U Stamp
  • NACE
  • BS 5500
  • Special system for Rainy, Stormy, Snowy, Hot & Sandy weather conditions are available.
  • Available in user-specified Painting & Colour.