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Oil and Gas Heaters

ZICOM offers high efficient Process (Gas or Liquid) Heaters for wide range of applications to meet the requirement of Oil & Gas Fields, Process Plants and Petrochemical Industries.


Zicom Heaters are designed according to API 12K specification and customized to fit for customer’s process applications. Other design Codes & Standards are available on request.




The Process Fluid (Gas or Liquid) to be heated flows through a serpentine configured Coil that is mounted in the upper reaches of the Heater Shell.

A controlled amount of heat is liberated into the Fire Tube which is located in the lower reaches of the Heater Shell where heat is efficiently transferred from the Fire Tube to the bath Media. The heat contained in the bath Media is then transferred by natural convection into the Process Fluid which flows through the Process Coil.


The bath media may be water, a mixture of water and glycol, a salt solution, or occasionally a thermal fluid, depending upon the temperatures needed.

Specifications (Compliance to API 12K )

  • Natural Draft Burners, Directly Mounted on Fire Tube.
  • Forced Draft Burners also provided as per requirement.
  • Precise Temperature Control of Water Bath
  • Removable single or double Fire Tube design
  • Removable Heating Coil
  • Burners system complete with pilot, Main Burner, Gas trains, Spark igniter with Transformer provided
  • Automatic Burner Management system
  • Flame Arrestors at burners and stack top provided
  • Large heating capacity to meet every process requirement.
  • Insulation provided as option

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Heater Control & Accessories

a minimum, Zicom Bath Heater is equipped with the following features:

  • Process Fluid (Gas or Liquid) Connections.
  • Process heating Coil (removable).
  • Heater Body / Shell
  • Expansion Tank.
  • Burner Housing or Fire Box.
  • Fire Tube (removable).
  • Exhaust Stack with Rain-hood.
  • Burner & Fuel system.
  • Control instrumentation (Pneumatic or Electrical or Electro-Pneumatic).
  • Control Panel / System PLC or Pneumatic.
  • Indicative instrumentation –
  • Process Fluid Pressure Indicator
  • Process Fluid Temperature Indicator
  • Bath Media Level Indicator
  • Bath Media Temperature Indicator
  • Exhaust Stack Temperature Indicator
  • Heater Skid with Lifting Lug.

Other Accessories & Instrumentation are available on request.

Emergency Safety Shut-Down

  • Low or High Fuel Gas Pressure.
  • Low Bath Media Level.
  • High Bath Media Temperature.
  • High Process Fluid Temperature.
  • Flame Failure.





  • Heating high pressure Natural Gas prior to pressure reduction to prevent the formation of natural gas-water hydrates in the line downstream of the choke or regulator.
  • Heating Natural Gas prior to regulation to prevent the formation of frost rings around the buried line downstream of the regulation station. This prevents ground heaving and pavement buckling.
  • Heating a Natural Gas-Condensate wellstream prior to separation, with or without an associated pressure reduction, so as to control the separation temperature, prevent the formation of hydrates, and assure good Gas-Liquid separation.
  • Heating of Crude Oil to maintain its temperature above the paraffin pour-point and to reduce its viscosity for easier handling in further lease processing.
  • Heating a Natural Gas wellstream to maintain it above its hydrate-forming temperature from the well to the processing point even though reduction of wellstream pressure is minimal.
  • Heating Process Fluids to maintain Fluid Viscosity at a minimum to reduce HP pumping requirements.

Order Information

The table is only for inference. Actual model number will depend on the process condition and selection. Other solutions are available in a single vessel depending on the specific process requirements. Please contact one of our application engineers and let us help you decide the right solution for your project.