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Regulating and Metering Stations





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ZICOM designs, engineers and fabricates Gas/Liquid Regulating and Metering Stations/Skids (RMS) customized to the customer's specification and industry standards.

These typically include:

  • GAS Regulator
  • Slum Shut-off Valves (SSV), Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
  • Gas treatment equipment (Knock-out Drum, Filter Separator, Gas Heater, Liquid Separator, etc.)
  • Gas/Liquid Meter
  • Flow Computer, online GC
  • All other necessary accessories (isolation valves, piping system, skid, etc.).

Units are supplied worldwide to a wide range of industries including oil & gas, power, process, steel, chemical etc.


The Key Functions of RMS

  • Pressure reduction and regulating
  • Metering (Volume, Mass, Heat)

Functions of Major Equipments

  • Gas regulator to reduce and maintain gas pressure.
  • Water bath heater for preheating of gas to prevent hydrate formation.
  • Gas treatment equipment to remove liquid/solid particles from gas.
  • SSV and PRV to prevent the station from over pressure.
  • Gas/Liquid  meter (Orifice/Turbine/Ultrasonic, Coriolis,PD) to measure the amount of gas passing through the pipeline.
  • Flow computer (Panel/Field Mounted) for electronic flow measurement for custody transfer or fiscal metering.
  • Online GC for BTU, calorific value measurement.

International Standards/Codes Complying

  • ASME, ANSI, API, AGA, ISO, OIML, GOST and other standards or codes.

Typical Application

  • ZICOM Regulating and Metering Stations are designed and built for Fiscal Metering, Custody Transfer, Allocation Metering, Pipeline Integrity, Power Utilities, Auxiliary Metering, Pressure Reduction System, and On-line Analytical Systems.